Vintage Wall Art: Spring Inspiration

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Sarah Durston - Painting on Old Boards
Artwork by Sarah Durston

As I look out of my window of a morning I can hardly say I’ve been inspired to spring out of bed and attack the day, it’s STILL raining and STILL cold, bleurgh!

It’s at times like these that I like to look forward to the next time I hope to see a bit of sun. Even with the best will in the world looking forward to a summer holiday is a step too far in February (!) but as March approaches I’m convincing myself it’s nearly spring and I have been unconsciously seeking outdoor inspired, fresh and bright colours and artwork to keep me perky.

On a trip back from a weekend in the Leicestershire countryside I stopped off at a lovely gastro-pub called The Flying Horse, Clophill. Despite the fact it’s slapped on a round-a-bout on the A6 my other half and I popped in and were delighted by the interior and menu. It was one of those great little finds.

It was here I spotted the above artwork which I had to snap for the blog. I loved the distressed old wood and the bright colours and subject matter of the vegetables and fruit (there were lots more variants lemons, beetroot etc). The artist, thankfully, signs her work and I looked her up (save yourself a google search). Her name is Sarah Durston and it turns out she is a self taught artist and has a great collection of various subject matters, such as these old wine bottles below, all on painted wooden boards. I think these would look fabulous in a country-style kitchen or in a dining room next to a big chunky wooden table.

Have a look here for more examples and to buy.

Sarah Durston - Painting on Old Boards

Gorgeous New 2010 Fabrics

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On my weekly sourcing trip last week I came across a couple of gorgeous brand new fabrics from two of my suppliers and I wanted to share them with you lovely people!

GP&J Baker, are my favourite place to source from when it comes to fantastic embroidered fabrics for curtains or scatters. Their new range called ‘Tulip Tree’ includes this stunning embroidered silk in a great muted pallette of aqua green/ light grey/ biscuit and woven throughout is a lovely metallic silver thread which really makes the fabric look special.

GP& J Baker Tulip Tree

Fabric code is BF10346 Col 1 and this retails at £131.00 per M. If you would like to receive discount on this price, order through me (go to the Contact Us page) and I can forward on part of my trade discount to you.

Another fantastic new fabric I discovered is from my supplier Romo, from their Kirkby House range. Kirkby is a fantastic value range, prices are relatively inexpensive and the fabrics are great. This brand new smart looking Herringbone-style pattern is called “Chevron” and it retails at £48.50 per M. It is extremely durable at 50,000 rubs (Martindale Rub Test)* and has some lovely colour ways.

Kirkby House Chevron
Fabric Code is K5002 – Colours are (from left to right) Natural, Jute, Catkin, Doe. If you would like to receive discount on this price, order through me (go to the Contact Us page) and I can forward on part of my trade discount to you.

* The Martindale Rub Test is a way of testing a fabrics durability by rubbing it repeatedly until the first thread breaks. Most fabrics undergo the Martindale Test to check their durability and suitability for various uses, i.e, curtains, domestic furniture, contract furniture. The test gives a score in 1000’s of rubs. Domestic fabrics often have a rating of 20,000 rubs. Generally, the higher the figure the more suitable the fabric for heavy usage.

A big hello!

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Thanks for visiting the all new Emma Victoria ID website! Please explore, have a poke around and nosy in on some of the work we have done, which can be found in the Portfolio section.

A huge thanks to the incredibly talented people (not to mention very cool and lovely) at Creative Order who have done such a great job designing the site for me. I am so proud of it and hope you like it too!

I’d love to hear your feedback, any little gremlins or weird looking things on the site, please just drop me a line on the Contact Us page or the comments box below and tell me and I will get it all patched up!

I will be blogging on here regularly to keep you up to date with interiors trends, details of some projects I have been working on and sharing with you all the loveliness that I may find on my regular sourcing trips for clients.

At the moment I am working with a lovely couple in Battersea, South West London who, in the next few weeks, will be receiving their bespoke sofas which I have designed for them. After lots of meticulous space planning and templating we came up with a great solution and the production of their long awaited “perfect sofas” are well underway. How very exciting! As soon as I have photographs of the finished items I will post them up for everyone to see.

Bye for now!

Love Emma x