It's Who You Know

Emma recommends the same network of master craftsmen for all of her projects. A robust black book of reliable, polite and friendly trades people gives you access to fantastic workmanship and a trusted team to help complete all aspects of your project.


Services That Can Be Procured

Curtain Makers and Curtain Fitters

Blind Makers




Audio and Visual Engineers


Kitchen and Bathroom Fitters

Bespoke Furniture Makers

French Polishers

Antiques Restorers

Bespoke Rug Makers

By using Emma’s preferred suppliers and tradesmen you can be sure to avoid the uncertainty of receiving poor service, poor finishing or hiring someone unqualified if you do not have the contacts yourself.

If you are lucky enough to have your own trusted contacts and would prefer to use them Emma is happy to work alongside them in an advisory capacity to ensure the results are in keeping with the agreed scheme.