EV ID in Homes & Garden Magazine!

So, the Olympics and Paralympics are over and the summer – as brief as it was – is disapating at speed, what’s to look forward to? Well, in my case, this morning it was zooming down to the shop to get my hands on the October edition of Homes and Gardens magazine – yes, I know, simple pleasures for simple minds!

But for me it’s more than my weird obsession with interiors magazines and lovely glossy pictures of lovely glossy houses that has me buzzing, it is due to the fact that this contains our first national piece of PR coverage, which for a boutique company like EV ID is quite the coup!

After writing my most recent blog post on Downlighting for Dummies, Homes and Gardens magazine, one of the biggest interiors magazines in the UK called me and asked me to contribute to a piece they were doing on residential lighting. I was delighted to contribute.

Our contribution sits within a fantastic piece which contains lots of advice and explanations from some big names in the interiors industry on exactly how to use lighting effectively in your home and de-mystify the jargon.

Our relatively small but perfectly formed pearls of wisdom can be found on pages 129 and 130.

As we draw ever-closer in to longer nights and shorter days lighting really comes in to it’s own to help cheer us up from the lack of natural light our bleaker seasons offer us. If you’d like some help to create the perfect room to keep you feeling enlightened and positive in the darker seasons, as well as lighting planning EV ID has got the comfy sofas, the lush curtains and squashy rugs covered too. Just drop us a line!

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